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Bitcoin Mining Pool F2Pool (Discus Fish) Maintains: BIP 101. maintains that changing its code to allow bigger blocks through BIP 101 or Bitcoin XT.No to BIP 101, Yes to Block-size Consensus appeared first on Bitcoin.

The chart below actually shows how many mining pools have mined a block of bitcoin using the new Bitcoin XT software.Coin Dance Bitcoin Nodes Summary. 101 Bitcoin Classic nodes. Bitcoin (Bitpay Big Blocks) BIP 101: 2015-11-09: View View.Bitcoin News: BitPay in Favor of Merging BIP 101 Into Bitcoin Core.

Are the BIP 100, BIP 101 and BIP 102 proposals being voted on now by miners.

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In an open letter, to released on its blog today, the company said.Bip 101 was reverted and the 2-MB block size bump of Bitcoin Classic was applied instead.There is a silver lining on the horizon - BIP 100 from Mr Garzik.

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BIP 100 proposes a dynamic limit determined by miner preferences.The Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) 101 was met with a lot of resistance from other core developers,.

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This, the firm says, will give stakeholders time to study any effects the increased block size has on the network and plan ahead accordingly.

Leading bitcoin wallet service provider and payment processor Coinbase has officially announced that the firm has begun running Bitcoin XT (BIP 101) in production as.Bitstamp To Be Banned By Theymos For Supporting BIP 101 Started by Jdebunt, November 30, 2015.

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Gavin Andresen Explains Why He Prefers BIP 101 Over BIP 100. Slush Pool to Re-Enable BIP 101 Bitcoin Mining.China-based cryptocurrency exchange Yunbi has announced the closure of its trading operations in the midst of a wider crackdown within the country.The integration of BIP 101 into Bitcoin XT has reinvigorated the conversation.What are your thoughts on BIP 101 and the Bitcoin block size debate.

Mining Pools Voice Support for BIP. several of the leading Bitcoin wallet and service providers have come out in strong support for BIP 101. 15% of Bitcoin nodes.BIP 101 has been the topic of heated debate for quite some time.Bitgo, Xapo, Bitnet, KnCMiner, Circle,, and BitPay Support BIP 101 for Bitcoin Block Size Increase.

Analysis: Bitcoin Storms Higher on BIP 91 Lock-In as Crytpocurrencies Continue Rally Introduction.BIP 101 or Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 101 proposes increase of block size to 8 MB and doubling it every 2 years.This is a new major version release, bringing new features and other improvements.BTC China is also one of the sponsors behind a Montreal workshop gathering many bitcoin stakeholders to discuss the pros and cons of various scaling solutions.As the debate on how to scale Bitcoin continues we take a look at some of the most talked about proposals and the complexities of choosing a path forward.

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Looks like a good compromise to me. -Remove static 1MB block size limit. -Simultaneously, add a new.Bitcoin transactions are subject to a voluntary fee, paid out to the miners.Bitcoin is one of the most important inventions in all of human history.BIP 101 proposed by Bitcoin XT is being fiercely opposed by major mining pool where as the previous BIP 100 is gaining their support.

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Slush Pool, a Czech-based Bitcoin mining pool accounting for 6 percent of hashing power on the Bitcoin network, indicates it will re-enable connected miners.